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The Charter School Association of Nevada (CSAN) has announced an open call for applications for the State Public Charter School Authority Board (SPCSA) to fill a seat that expires on June 30, 2023. Interested candidates can apply through the CSAN SPCSA Appointment Application before June 9, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.


The CSAN is seeking well-rounded applicants committed to equity and high-quality education and will represent the voices of stakeholders in the education system. The new appointee will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of over 59,000 young Nevadans whom State Charter Schools are currently serving.


President of the CSAN Board, Adam Johnson, calls on highly qualified Nevadans to apply for the opportunity to represent the students and help ensure they receive a top-quality education. He emphasized the importance of having highly qualified representation on the Charter School Authority and urged all interested parties to apply.


According to Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 388A.153, the CSAN is responsible for appointing one member to the SPCSA Board. More qualifications are below. 


Applicants are encouraged to review all qualifications before submitting their applications. For further information about the application process, interested parties can contact Gil Lopez, Executive Director of CSAN, at


State Public Charter School Authority Board Qualifications 


Applicants for appointment by the Charter School Association of Nevada, per NRS 388A.153(2), must:

  • Be residents of Nevada,

  • Includes persons with a demonstrated understanding of charter schools and a commitment to using charter schools as a way to strengthen public education in this State,

  • Includes a parent or legal guardian of a pupil enrolled in a charter school in this State,

  • Includes persons with specific knowledge of

    • Issues relating to elementary and secondary education;

    • School finance or accounting, or both

    • Management practices;

    • Assessments required in elementary and secondary education;

    • Educational technology; and

    • The laws and regulations applicable to charter schools;

  • Insofar as practicable, reflects the ethnic and geographical diversity of this State; and

  • Insofar as practicable, consists of persons who are experts on best practices for authorizing charter schools and developing and operating high-quality charter schools and charter management organizations.


In addition, NRS 388A.153(5) allows up to two members of the SPCSA Board to be teachers or administrators at charter schools. Currently, two SPCSA members fall under this criteria.

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