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The State Infrastructure Bank established the capital needs fund. The Nevada State Treasurer's Office is having a 30-day public comment window. This will be an opportunity for our charter community to ask questions and provide feedback on how the fund should work etc.

Description of the fund:
"The Nevada State Infrastructure Bank Fund (“SIBF”) Program contains a set-aside of up to $15,000,000 for to support investments in Nevada’s public education facilities through the Charter School Capital Needs Fund. This program operates to provide loans and other financial assistance to support the development, construction, maintenance, repair, or acquisition of charter school facilities serving low-income and at-risk student populations.
Funds through the program are designed to provide high-quality charter school operators with low-interest financing, at or below the market rate, to assist with capital needs."

Proposed requirement/details:

Charter School Capital Needs Fund PDF

Public Charter School Capital Needs Fund Public Comment

Public Comment to Treasurer's Office

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